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                Hot Jobs

                With thousands of jobs across multiple markets and services and in locations around the globe, opportunity abounds at Jacobs. Our Hot Jobs feature groups of jobs by location, discipline or project with the hope of reaching the qualified, interested persons ready for the next challenge in their career. To view all available jobs, please search jobs.

                Stay Connected

                Advanced Facilities

                Location: Indianapolis IN, Conshohocken PA, Cary NC, Boston MA

                Date: Tuesday, July 16, 2019

                Jacobs is seeking skilled professionals with PharmaBio, Chemicals, Pulp & Paper, Power & Utilities, High Tech, Electronics, or Consumer Products industry experience in the following areas:


                • Electrical Instrumentation & Controls Department Manager
                • Commissioning, Qualification & Validation Engineers (CQV)
                • Senior Architects
                • Piping Engineer Lead
                • Mechanical/HVAC Engineers
                • Civil Engineers

                To view all jobs click on the links below:

                Advanced Facilities Jobs


                Location:? Honolulu, HI

                July 9, 2019

                Jacobs has several opportunities in Honolulu supporting federal projects.

                Selected jobs include:

                Architectural Designer


                Civil Engineer


                Electrical Engineer


                Mechanical Engineer


                Structural Engineer



                Hawaii Jobs

                New York City

                Location:? New York City, NY

                Jacobs is growing in New York City with 40+ jobs available:?

                Selected jobs include:

                • Transit & Rail Advanced Signaling / Signaling Technical Leader
                • Structural (Bridge) Engineer
                • Field Inspector- MEP
                • Traffic EIT/PE
                • Ports & Maritime Cost Estimator
                • Senior Engineer Diver/Project Manager
                • Office Engineer- DEP
                • Project Manager- Mechanical Installations
                • Principal Tunnel Engineer

                To view jobs, please click below:

                New York Jobs

                Mission Critical Facilities

                Locations: Texas, New York, and Pennsylvania

                Jacobs is the global leader in providing integrated planning, architecture, engineering, project and construction management for mission critical facilities. For over 30 years, high-technology, mission critical design has been at the core of our practice.

                Opportunities include:

                • Program Manager-Mission Critical Facilities
                • Electrical Designer-Mission Critical
                • Project Manager-Mission Critical
                • Project Manager- Mission Critical
                • Senior Project Manager – Mission Critical

                To view jobs, please click below:

                Mission Critical Jobs